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Girls Volleyball Make-Up Tryouts

Thank you to everyonw who tried out!

The folliwing girls have been selected for the girls volleyball team. If you are on this list you must complete eligibility paperwork ASAP and check into 4th period volleyball.

You can get the forms HERE

Aliyah Yoro
Alyanna Palaypay
Jessica Jimenez
Alexa Hamilton
Aileen Salazar
Annett Pereya

 Girls Volleyball 2014-15 Schedule

 DateOpponentSiteTimeJV Res.Var Res.
23 Saturday Varsity CHS Tournament        
26 Tuesday Varsity Taft Scrimmage   2-6:30PM    
29 Friday Varsity Vegas Tournament        
30 Saturday Varsity Vegas Tournament        
13 Saturday JV Venice Tournament        
20 Saturday Varsity Venice Tournament        
29 Monday Franklin Away 4:00PM     
1 Wednesday Wilson Home 4:00PM    
4 Saturday FS Venice Tournament        
6 Monday Lincoln Home 4:00PM     
8 Wednesday Sotomayor Away  4:00PM     
10 Friday Poly Home 4:00PM     
11 Saturday JV Sylmar Tournament        
13 Monday Marshall Home  4:00PM    
15 Wednesday Franklin Home 4:00PM    
18 Saturday Varsity ELC Tournament        
18 Saturday FS CHS Tournament Away All-Day    
20 Monday Wilson Away 4:00PM     
22 Wednesday Lincoln Away  4:00PM     
27 Monday Sotomayor Home 4:00PM     
29 Wednesday Marshall Away 4:00PM     
31 Friday Varsity CV Tournament Away 3-8PM    
1 Saturday Varsity CV Tournament Away 9-3PM    
1 Saturday JV Van Nuys Tournament Away All-Day    
3 Monday El Camino Away  7:00PM    
5 Thursday Chatsworth Away 7:00PM    
8 Saturday FS Sylmar Tournament        
10 Monday Round I   7:00PM    
13 Thursday Quarter-Finals   7:00PM    
18 Tuesday Semi-Finals   7:00PM    
22 Saturday Finals   2:00PM    

Girls Summer Varsity Roster

    Jahmea Bent So MB 5'11 None
    Blake Bouligny Jr OP/S 5'4 2 Years
    Alexis Cuevas Sr  DS  5'3 3 Years
    Isabelle Dulalia Jr OP 5'8 2 Years
    Keleani Eslava Sr  SS  5'2 2 Years
    Jadyn Ferris Jr OP/MB 5'8 2 Years
    Victoria Fernandez So MB  5'10 1 Year
    Nicole Flores Jr  DS/S  5'3 2 Years
    Nicole Hancock Sr OP  5'10 1 Year
    Mary Hong Jr L 5'2 2 Years
    Julia Izquierdo (C) Jr  OH  5'4 2 Years
    Jocelyn Keipp (C) Sr  5'0 3 Years
    Michelle Mayer Sr MB  5'6 3 Years
    Amanda Nobles Sr  DS 5'3 2 Years
    April Quintanar Sr DS  5'3 3 Years
    Gwyneth Sevillano So DS  5'0 1 Year

Girls Summer JV Roster

    Zoe Aguila Jr   5'7  
    Denise Avila Jr   5'8  
    Shivani Baghat Jr   5'4  
    Lourick Bustamante Jr   5'3  
    Lexie Carpenter (C) So   5'4  
    Ashley Ibarra Jr   5'2  
    Gwyneth Laeda Jr   5'2  
    Trisha Manzano So   5'2  
    Allyson Marquez So   5'2  
    Jadrisa Ortiz Jr   5'8  
    Taylor Pak Jr   5'8  
    Hennesy Vergara So   5'8  
    Marisa Garavito So   5'3  
    Kaelyn Lee Fr      
    Maddy Keipp Fr      
    Jude Rodriguez Fr      
    Lauren Mendoza So      
    Madison Aguirre Sr      

Girls Summer FS Roster

 #Name  PW InPractices Missed
    Jada Bryant        
    Andrea Cedeno        
    Emily Chan        
    Jamielou Cortes        
    Alexis Cruz        
    Natalie Delgado        
    Maria Fonacier        
    Allie Fryar        
    Frankie Gilbert        
    Lauren Gonzalez        
    Marissa Hernandez        
    Faith Hipolito        
    Alexis Louie        
    Amy Ma        
    Allyson Manuel        
    Gwyneth Morier        
    Crystal Oliva        
    Megan Sevillano        
    Xena Singapan        
    Paola Espinoza        
    Madeline Velasco        
    Alyssa Velasquez        
    Mackenzie Westman        
    Taylor Yutan        
    Lesly Ceron